On tracks to become n°1 in privacy and security

a shield

Our measures

We do not save any documents

We save very little data for our service to work, and none of your documents are being saved.

We double-encrypt sensitive data

All our customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Additionally, any sensitive data we require to save is double encrypted in our databases.

No logs

We do not log any of your search queries (this also means there is no history)

Partnering with trusted providers

We are using Cloudflare and Microsoft Azure for our cloud hosting. Those providers are well-known companies with excellent security.

No third-party AI

We are building our own AI. Once we release it, we will host it ourselves.

No third party is involved in our AI value chain except our current cloud providers.

Compliance and test

We have plans to do pen-testing of our services regularly starting in 2024.

We are not certified yet, however, we have plans to pass the ISO 27001 certification by 2024.


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