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How often have you been looking for information but can't remember where it is?

We connect to all your apps to supercharge your business knowledge and make it easily accessible.

Connect in one click

We made Ansearch easy: no training, no complex setup, and ready to go immediately!

We have a growing list of integrations, and all you need to do is a single click to connect them, we do the rest.

Search your files, no matter where they are

No need to hop from app to app to gather all the information you need to work.

When you connect Ansearch to your business tools, we make all their data searchable from one place, so you are sure to find information no matter where it is stored, easily and fast!

security shield

Private and secure

Our tool is designed so you will never have access to private documents, and you will only see what you are supposed to.

We are on a mission to build the most secure tool in knowledge management, and we regularly invest in increasing our (already impressive) security

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