Ansearch 1.0 / Open beta

Mael Abgrall


CEO of Ansearch

February 28, 2024

I'm proud to announce that Ansearch is now in open beta! Anyone can now sign up and benefit from the tool we have been developing.

New to ansearch? Here is a quick overview of our vision and product:

When did it become so hard to find information?

How often have you been looking for that information, but… is it a Word document? Or is it in Notion? Oh, wait, did someone send this in an email attachment? You are sure you’ve seen it before but can’t remember where.

And when you manage people, you also have to deal with questions about where information is or questions you know the response has already been answered.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: how about the quality of this information? Do you have duplicated and stale information? Is it organised well with defined processes on where and how to save knowledge? How fast can you onboard new employees, and how often will they require guidance?

Information (and knowledge management) is a business’ backbone: this is the intellectual property, the know-how, the key to good decision-making and good communication. It requires systematic and methodical work to ensure it is high quality, correctly organised, and easy to understand.

But even with good processes and sometimes a dedicated knowledge management team, the fact that each business requires, at a bare minimum, three different apps will make it hard to find information (emails, document sharing, CRM).

A search demonstrationAnsearch: Answer + Search

We are building Ansearch to solve this. We want you to be able to get your knowledge in the snap of a finger no matter where it is and be sure it is organised and high quality.

Our first feature, a multi-app search, is now in open beta. Imagine a Google-like experience, with results coming from all the tools you are using.

  • AI powered search Search information instantly from any of your tools, supporting 12 data sources, including emails, calendars, chats, PM tools, CRMs, and online drives.

  • unlimited accountsConnect as many accounts as you want. Are you using a personal Notion workspace on top of your business? Not a problem; simply connect both.

  • Google suite integrationFinally, on our latest integration, you can now connect the entire Google suite (Gmail, Calendar, Chats and Drive)

What about privacy and security?

We can say empty statements like “We are committed to your privacy, look at our certifications, blah blah blah”. But that's not us, and instead, we choose to have privacy and security as one of our core values: we build thinking, "What if the worst-case scenario happens?" which pushes us to go beyond the basics of cyber security.

You can read our page about security or request our leaflet, but the gist is:

  • Thanks to OAuth, We ensure only you can see your data and no one else.

  • We save very little data and encrypt everything (it’s even resistant to quantum computers!)

  • We use our own AIs; there is no third party involved (no OpenAI and such)

If that’s not enough to convince you, we are doing regular pen-testing starting in March, and we will pass the cyber essential plus certification right after that.

What's next?

Our roadmap for Q3 2024 is to add two more features:

  • Duplicate tracker to help you find any information that should be deleted or consolidated.

  • Better Chrome plugin to let you search from any website and search any previously visited web page. Additionally, it allows you to search tools we haven’t yet integrated or when you cannot use OAuth.

And, of course, more data sources!

Excited by our vision?

Sign up now; it’s free as long as we are in Beta 😀