company update

Launch of the beta

Mael Abgrall


CEO of Ansearch

May 4, 2023

Who are we, and what is Ansearch?

We are a wee team from Edinburgh, Scotland, and our goal is to make knowledge easy to access and extremely fast. 

Modern businesses have a big technical footprint for their knowledge: a medium-sized company will use an average of 79 to over 200 different apps such as emails, cloud drives, CRM, code repositories and so on.

Like a public search engine, Ansearch is your go-to place when searching for answers in your company (it's in the name!).

We save time and reduce costs associated with knowledge at every step of an organisation (Onboarding, day-to-day searches)

How does it work?

To make Ansearch work, go to our 'Connect' page and click on the apps you want to search. And voilà, everything works.

Our tool is easy; we mean it!

We need your feedback! 

If you are happy to see an early version and test what works and needs improvement, you can join the waitlist by signing up. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

The beta is completely free, and for your help, we will offer early bird pricing once we do our full release.

As for every product, we are starting small. But this is just the start, and much more is to come. 

If you want to join the adventure but not the beta, you can always sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.

See you soon
- Mael